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Together, we’ll tell your story.

Freestone Communications is a marketing and communications company that brings smart, strategic thinking to life, ensuring you reach and influence the individuals and communities that matter most.

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In nature, a freestone is a rock that can be quarried or shaped without cracking or breaking. In business, the Freestone philosophy is no different. We work with you to shape and improve your marketing and communications and ensure nothing cracks or breaks.

Freestone is powered by Jennifer Fisk, a communications professional with 25+ years of experience and a knack for understanding and managing the perceptions and expectations of the public, community and other stakeholders. 

How Freestone can help your organization

We often employ a team approach, drawing in other entrepreneurial and creative professionals to get the job done. We work with talented graphic designers, photographers, directors & videographers, web developers and more. We tailor our team so that you always have access to a strong, healthy bench of players.

Strategic marketing & communications planning
Employee communications
Crisis & issues management
Community & stakeholder consultations
Social media strategy
Project management of complex projects & creative solutions

Why Freestone?

You need a fresh, outside perspective and smart thinking. It’s easy to be too close to your situation to clearly see the path forward. Freestone will help you see the forest and the trees.

There are times when using an outside professional to strategize or manage a situation is the best and most efficient use of your resources. Freestone is a trusted and objective advisor, and we will work seamlessly with you and your team.

Demonstrated experience is often required. Some communications and marketing challenges are beyond the experience and scope of your internal team. Freestone brings 25+ years of experience and connections that will be immediately put to work for you.

We have worked for businesses, associations and nonprofits with clear business objectives and a strong focus on the bottom line. We understand your perspective and the pressures you face.

We believe our clients know what they need; they just struggle to know how to get there. Freestone will listen to and value your opinion as you know your employees, customers and stakeholders best.

It’s our job to take your insights and elevate your communications and marketing to the next level.

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