Why should you choose Freestone as your partner in communications success?

There are many agencies and communications professionals out there, but here is why we think we are different:

  • We want to build your communications and marketing capacity, not create a dependent relationship. If you need it, Freestone will definitely be there to help you over the long term, but nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing your organization and staff take what we have helped you develop and running with it.


  • We didn’t spend our professional careers in an advertising agency or consulting firm. We have worked for large and small organizations with clear business objectives and a strong focus on the bottom line. We have hired and managed consultants just like us. We understand your perspective and the pressures you face.


  • We believe in a collaborative approach. What do we mean by that?  We believe our clients often know what’s best; they just struggle to know how to get there. We will seek, listen to and value your opinion as you know your employees, customers and stakeholders best. It’s our job to take your insights and elevate your communications and marketing to the next level.

  • We work with some pretty amazing people. For many projects, we take a team approach, drawing in other entrepreneurial professionals to get the job done. We’re connected to talented graphic designers, photographers, directors & videographers, web developers and more. We tailor our team so that you always have access to a strong, healthy bench of players.


  • We know what we are good at, and we know what we don’t know. We will never try to be all things to all people. Where we can’t help, we will do our best to steer you in the direction of a professional who can.
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