When is it best to use outside communications and marketing support?

  • When you need a fresh, outside perspective. It’s easy to be too close to your situation to clearly see the solution. Freestone will help you see the forest and the trees.
  • When you need to use your resources efficiently. Outsourcing communications, social media and PR initiatives can sometimes be more cost effective than hiring more staff.  Just like our name, Freestone is flexible and we will shape our schedule and services to meet your timelines, budget and needs.
  • When confidentiality is paramount. There are times when using an outside professional to strategize or manage a situation eliminates conflicts or discomfort. Freestone will be a trusted and objective advisor.
  • When the challenge requires specialized expertise. Some communications and marketing challenges are beyond the experience and scope of your internal team. Freestone brings years of experience and connections that will be immediately put to work for you.
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