What does Freestone do? Wondering if we can meet your needs? Here’s how we can help.

Strategic Marketing and Communications Planning

If you have a business plan, you should have a marketing and communications plan. Why? The answer is simple – your marketing and communication tools should be directly tied to your bottom line. We can develop a marketing and communications plan that is targeted, keeps you focused, spending wisely and measuring results.

Employee Communications

Communicating with your most important ally, your employees, often goes neglected. The key to engaged and enthusiastic employees; the people who give your customers exceptional service and drum up new business, is effective communications. We can help you communicate with your most important resource.

Public Relations and Promotions

You want to get out there and be a household name. It’s a challenging goal, but we develop and execute PR and social media strategies to create buzz and foster goodwill. If you have a new senior executive, your next great product or a smart idea and you want people to know about it, we can help.

Media Relations

Maybe you want to get into the public eye. Or maybe you are trying to get out. We can increase your organization’s media profile and exposure when you want it, and help keep your organization out of the spotlight when you need it most.

Crisis and Issues Management

Your organization’s worst nightmare could be your competitive advantage, if the situation is handled right. Whether you are in the midst of a full blown crisis, or want to develop a crisis communications plan to prevent or prepare for one, we’re there for you. We will stand by your organization and guide you through winning back the confidence of your customers, government, the media, and your employees when facing your toughest challenges.

Video Production

Every company has unique stories to tell, and your organization is no different. We can help you develop a strategy & creative approach to bring your best stories to life in video for television, online, social media or internal purposes. Freestone can write the script, serve as producer, and interview key subjects ensuring the experience is positive and most importantly, so their piece of your story shines through.

Community and Stakeholder Interviews & Consultation

You want your communities and stakeholders to be partners rather than roadblocks. We get it, as we have sat on both sides of the fence. We will help you coordinate your community outreach and consultation efforts with strategies that emphasize transparency and active listening with residents, community leagues, media and government stakeholders.



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